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That's one for the books!

... and don't call me Shirley!
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Hello all!

Welcome to my LJ. First thing you need to know about is that I spent inordinate amount of time reading fanfiction and listening to podfics. I ship various pairings in various fandoms. My OTPs are many and I consider my self a fleet commander more than a shipper.

Occasionally I also write fanfiction. My writing journal is separate and you can find all my fiction here: mywritingcabin.

What else about me? I’m a coffee addicted female, closer to thirty than twenty (yikes! I don’t wanna grow up) and live in a small city somewhere in Europe and I do mean small. Basically everybody knows everybody around here. Yeah! I'm a big city girl living in a too little town. Not the life for me.

I post very irregularly, because I'm not that interesting person. My life is pretty boring if you get to see my day to day life. I love traveling. I have already been to Ireland, Tanzania, Germany, Belgium, Italy and few more. I'd travel all around the globe if I had the money and time for it. Alas, I don't so I just have to fantasize about it.

If you want to friend me feel free. I may friend you back after I have taken a look at your journal. All my posts are unlocked so friending is not necessary.

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